Raquel Rodrein · You Write The Ending

You Write The Ending

©Raquel Rodrein 2017

Summer 1993. Amy MacLeod arrives in Edinburgh from California. A Festival show changes her life. Liam Wallace’s performance leaves her breathless.

Thirteen years later Liam has become one of the world’s most acclaimed actors but paradoxically his professional success hides a life full of personal failures. When he finally thinks he’s got control of his life, after a period in which he almost hit rock bottom, he returns to his native Scotland to attend a funeral. But after being away for two long yearsgoing back is not easy. He must now confront an event in his past which he unsuccessfully tried to forget.

During a sleepless night on his return to Callander, his father gives him an old box containing something unexpected and disturbing. Someone has left him a manuscript together with a handwritten letter. He immediately recognises the handwriting and discovers with an overwhelming anguish that it’s his life story.

But the ending has not yet been written.

He must find Amy MacLeod, the person who has entrusted him with the difficult task of writing the ending of that story. Their story.

On  the journey to achieve this goal he has to face not only his and Amy’s past, their decisions and their terrible consequences, but also a grievous challenge. Liam now is facing the most important role of his career, but this time he is not going to play it in front of the cameras.

A story of devoted love, friendship, second chances, success, frustration, forgiveness and recognition.